The Al Amal Orphanage in GAZA

The Orphanage

Working jointly with the Italian Youth Department and with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, A.N.G.E.L.S. has renovated the premises of the Al-Amal orphanage in Gaza.  It has already given the orphans the full equipments needed for their psychomotor development and for learning.

The Al-Amal (“Hope”) Orphan Society was founded as a Palestinian non-governmental, not-for-profit organization in 1949.  Its purpose is to provide shelter, care and services to orphaned Palestinian boys and girls who are the victims of social and economic difficulties. Over the years, the Institute has increased its services in order to improve the aid:  children currently enjoy full board and lodging and have the benefit of education programmes that seek to compensate for the hardships they have to face.  The Al-Aman Orphan Society has drawn up agreements with many local and international institutions and these are now involved in facilitating useful education programmes for the little guests.

The Mission

The mission is to provide social, humanitarian and educational services directed at instilling self-discipline, including moral self-discipline, in the orphans and children at risk.  This through a close relationship with the local community that protects the beneficiaries’ dignity.  The aim is to educate the orphans about their social duties and in an awareness of their own rights and to enrich their interpersonal relationships.  The mission relies on donations, the support of voluntary workers and the Institute’s own resources.

The Programmes

  • Psychological and social support: the orphans are offered psychological rehabilitation and support by a team of expert psychologists and social workers.
  • Shelter for orphans: since 1949, the Institute has been a new home for many orphans.
  • Educational services:  through special agreements with schools in the local community, the orphans are welcomed there for their studies.  Post-school tutoring and educational support are also provided for those who wish to continue their studies.
  • Entertainment and free time:  entertainment activities are co-ordinated with other local institutions.
  • Sports: through the club on the campus, teams are made up to compete with other clubs in Gaza in many sports disciplines.  Over the years, the Al-Amal teams have won numerous gold medals and trophies.
  • Diet and health:  food, laundry, healthcare and other basic services are offered within the Institute.

New Programmes

The Al-Amal social/cultural centre was opened in the summer of 2009.  It offers day care and assistance programmes to the community of orphans who do not need shelter but are nevertheless in difficulty. Thanks to these programmes, such orphans can take part in the sports activities and fieldtrips and have access to the library and the computer lab, in addition to clothing and support in achieving their school goals.

Programmes that can be sponsored

  • “Basic Needs Programme”, which provides shelter, food, health-care and clothing.
  • “Education Programme”, which facilitates both a basic education and the next phase.
  • “Social Programme”, which, through activities and meetings, reinforces the relations that the Al-Amal Institute and its children enjoy with local organizations, relatives and other children.
  • “Cultural and Entertainment Programme”, which fosters the orphaned children’s cultural, physical and social aptitudes through creative activities, cultural fieldtrips, festivities, debates and literary readings.

How you can help

Funds for development projects are welcome, as it is support for the continuation of the services offered to the orphans to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence:  these services are not available elsewhere.

Funds will be used mainly to support the children economically, in addition to connecting the Institute to specialised local and international networks.  Continuity in the services and programmes is fundamental.  Every form of aid is therefore invaluable.



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