• Support our projects with a free donation;

  • Become an Angel for a Child organizing fundraising events in your town, agency or company;

  • Buy the Angels’ jewel of “Brotherhood”, please contact us and order it;

  • Make a gift to your family or friends with the solidarity DVD "Angels", please contact us and order it;

  • Make your Will in favour of A.N.G.E.L.S.

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The donations in favour of A.N.G.E.L.S. Onlus are tax-deductible.

The association allows the active participation of the donor supervising the humanitarian activity. There are tax facilitations in every countries.
In particular a legal person can (Italian law):

a. .. deduct the donation from their income up to the 10% of the total income, up to 70.000 euro per year (art. 14, comma 1 del D.L. 35/05); 

b. deduct from the gross tax the 19% of the donation's amount, up to 2.065,83 euro per year (art.15, comma 1 lettera i-bis del D.P.R. 917/86).

A company can (Italian law):

a. . deduct from the company's total income a donation up to the 10% of the total income, for a total max. of 70.000 euro per year (art. 14, comma 1 del D. L. 35/05). 

b. deduct the amount of the donation up to 2065,83 euro or up to 2% of the company's income (art.100, comma 2 lettera h del D.P.R. 917/86).

We remind yout that the donations can be deducted only if the payment follows the following procedures and the concerning documentation will be peserved:

- On-line with credit card (this option will be soon actived) 

- Bank transfer to : Associazione A.N.G.E.L.S. onlus, Banca BNL - Gruppo Bnp Paribas IBAN IT72 K010 0503 2400 0000 0004 137BIC/SWIFT CODE BNLIITRR you should write as a reason of the payment "Donazione in favore dell’Associazione A.N.G.E.L.S. onlus" and your name, surname and address.