The President


Prof. Maria Pia Anna Corrado is graduated in "Modern Languages ​​and Foreign Literatures" and she got specialized in "Theater History" at the University of Nottingham; she has taught in Salerno for several years at the ISFA (Institute of Business Education) and at the Experimental Language School "St. Catherine of Siena" and, following her transfer to Rome, she has taught at the Academy of Arts, at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d'Amico and at the LUMSA (Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta of Rome).

Meanwhile she has got a specialization in cognitive and semiotic studies, in neurolinguistics, in communication and editing, archival and literary aesthetic. She also participated in the research about the birth of the English novel (CNR) led by Prof. Edwige Schulte, and about the "Bayron Correspondence" with Prof. Anton Ranieri Parra (University of Florence). She has also been press officer with Antonio Spinosa for Agensud, has collaborated with the Artistic Inspectorate MPI to enhance the relationship between business reality and artistic reality, and has coordinated and directed the "Park Literary Alfonso Gatto Città di Salerno" for EuroCDA and Antonio Genovesi Salerno Foundation; she has created a word list for the agent of territorial development and directed the "Leonardo da Vinci - pilot project Aliante" in collaboration with the University of Valencia, University of Bologna, the FOREM (Spain), the Sinform of Bologna, the Foundation Alario in the Velia and the Foundation Antonio Genovesi Salerno.


Foreign languages, semiotic and cognitive studies, neurolinguistics, communication and editing, archival and aesthetic literature.


Institute of Science, Bachelor of Languages and Literatures, Specialization in History of Theater


Italian, English, French


Founding member of the Foundation Antonio Genovesi Salerno SDOA that in twenty-five years of training (Master) has created more than 2500 jobs for qualified graduates not employed; she is a founding member of AIDiM (International Association of Italian Women in the world), and is also a member of AA Academy of the Lincei Academy and Academy of Arcadia. She's co-founder and president of ANGELS


1995 - Ravello Award for "Borghese Museum: Apollo and Daphne of Bernini", published in installments in "Il Tempo", November 1995

1990 - Europe Prize for "L'Amore perfetto", aesthetic literary essay published over "Il Giornale", February 28, 1990

1990 - Warsaw Award for the diffusion of culture and art in Italy and Poland and for the publication and translation of K. WOITOWICZ, "Transcripts of hope", (edit by Il Salice, 1989)