The video 'Angels' awarded at the Roma VideoClip 2009

Il video ‘Angels’ premiato al Roma VideoClip 2009Angels' was a humanitarian but also a song and a video starring the singer and spokesman Benedetta Paravia.

This emotional work, inspired by the young victims of the ongoing war between Israelis and Palestinians and dedicated to all children who are suffering in the world wars, has been awarded the 'Video Clip Outreach ". The award was given in the hands of Benedetta Paravia  and of Alfredo Fiorillo (video director) on 10th December of 2009 on the stage of the theater Fellini within the Cinecitta Studios. The seventh edition of the 'Rome Video Clip' was presented by actor Luciano De Luca, created by Francesca Piggianelli in collaboration with ACT - Multimedia, and has seen the presence of directors, actors and singers of great importance and has been a real tribute to a mode of expression in constant evolution, able to bring together two art forms, until a few years ago quite distinct: the music and film. Great the pace of the evening, which has seen alternating projection of video clips of the awarded artists, singers, actors and directors which made them. Among the many winners of the evening Giovanni Veronesi, Alessandro D'Alatri Povia. Davide Ferrario for the video 'Song in prison' of Marlene Kuntz  from the film 'All the fault of Judah' and singers such as Zero Assoluto, Alessandra Amoroso, Alexia and Madame Sisi. To riceive the award for the film production assigned to Sanmarco, Clare Jordan, wife of actor Raoul Bova.