In the Capitol "Music & Solidarity" for children from areas of war ... the music takes the field

In Campidoglio l’iniziativa “Musica e Solidarietà” per i bambini provenienti da aree di guerra… e la musica scende in campo

Thursday, October 11, 12:00 pm Sala del Carroccio - Capitol

"Music and Solidarity" is a project designed by Benedetta Paravia (who plays the dual role of spokeswoman of the association A.N.G.E.L.S. and songwriter known in the Middle East) received from the Capitol and supported by Roma Capitale presented Thursday, Oct. 11 h: 12 at the Sala del Carroccio, in Capitol.

The primary objective is to raise awareness and Italian artists in an attempt to increase the funds to be allocated to charities through proceeds from the music. The initiative, already taken off successfully abroad, is presented in Italy following the signing by the non-profit organization A.N.G.E.L.S. and the Commission of Social Affairs and the Family of Rome Capital of the Memorandum of Solidarity, whose purpose is to solicit institutions and communities to greater protection of children, especially those who come from poverty or war.

Benedetta Paravia, in addition to be co-founder and ambassador of the charity A.N.G.E.L.S. (the non-profit organization that takes care of the Rights of the supporting structures for, taking care of seriously ill children in Italy and the Italian Army missions abroad by sending medicines for the benefit of the people), is also a young singer-songwriter known particularly the Middle East and Brazil, with the stage name Princess Bee ( Artist estimated and appreciated both for her social commitment both to the lyrics of her songs, she is the only author to have received awards such as the sponsorship of UNESCO and of the Holy See for the text of the song "Angels", a hymn chorus for peace interpreted together with forty children of different ethnicities and religions in memory of the victims of war.

During the event "Music and Solidarity" and was presented the new single by Princess Bee entitled "Loving Heart" with a screening of related video tribute to the eternal city: Rome.

The first income accrued by the publication of the product launch record in the Middle East, has already been earmarked (worth 50%) Al Amal orphanage in Gaza, with the help of the Israeli authorities.

The conference in Rome was leaded by the RAI journalist Franco di Mare with the intervention of Giordano Tredicine, Committee Chair of Social Affairs and Family of Roma Capitale, Alberto Paravia, of Municipio I of Rome Capital and Benedetta Paravia at the presence of the Chief Secretary Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the President of A.N.G.E.L.S. Prof. Maria Pia Anna Corrado, the Kuwaiti Musician Kholoud Al Netifiah, the Deputy Attorney General Paolo Pennisi Antimafia, the Air Force commander General Paolo Magro and Colonel Corrado Cicerone, President of the Foundation A. Genovesi Salerno SDOA Grand. Phew. Vittorio Paravia, the manager Laura Rossi, supermodel Claudia Smith and the entrepreneur Alberto Sermoneta, whose family supports activities of A.N.G.E.L.S. Inevitable producer Luca Bergamini and the author of the music of Princess Bee, Nicola Volpi (Nickwhitefox).



An italian star "star" italiana into the Arabic countries


She is Italian, but is much more popular in the Arab world than here. Benedetta Paravia, aka Princess Bee, 31, born in Salerno, singing in English and, with her music, won the Gulf countries. Benedetta is also co-founder of the association A.N.G.E.L.S., which since 2008 is responsible for health care in Italy to the poor children of various Arab countries. Now, Princess Bee released in Italy with the musical project Loving heart, dedicated to Rome, the Eternal City.

- How did you landed in the Gulf countries?

"It all started from a holiday in Dubai in 2002: at that time it was still a very young country, growing, with a sea view and a wonderful nature. Immediately after graduation, it seemed like the right country where to stop. I moved and I started working there for the Fondazione Antonio Genovesi Salerno, created by my father, who had launched an intercultural project with Arab students".

- Why do you think you became so famous in the Arab world?

"The press of those countries is hungry for news pleasant, positive characters. Then, I'm famous for my humanitarian work: the cofounder of my non-profit organization is a princess of the Saudi royal dynasty Al Saud".

- About Saudi Arabia, which is the current situation of women?

"We must distinguish: Riyadh, the capital, is very conservative here, women must be fully veiled. In Jeddah, the cultural capital of the Red Sea, the branch of the royal family lives more progressive and open: here, women are freer, they can leave the head uncovered, they can go to the beach with the bull friends, even in bikini ... "


Music and Solidarity, the project created by Benedetta Paravia (spokesperson of the association A.N.G.E.L.S.) and supported by Roma Capitale will be presented today at 12 at the Sala del Carroccio, in the Capitol. The goal is to help children. Especially those coming from poverty or war.



At 12, in the Sala del Carroccio of the Capitol, the kicks off the initiative "Music and Solidarity" project designed by Benedetta Paravia, spokeswoman for the NGO A.N.G.E.L.S. (supported by Roma Capitale), which will premiere nationally.

Will be present: Franco Di Mare, Giordano Tredicine and Alberto Paravia.